Healthy Eating for Busy People

We send you personalized recipes and stock your fridge
with fresh ingredients. Free next day delivery.

  1. 1. We customize.

    You tell us about yourself and what you like and we create a delicious meal plan that you'll adore.

  2. 2. You choose.

    You select what you'd like to eat for the week with a few simple clicks.
    (It's super fun.)

  3. 3. We deliver.

    In as little as 24 hours, we deliver every fresh ingredient and simple recipe you'll need to eat well all week long.

  4. 4. You discover.

    You discover new foods and ways to cook that are easy and fast.

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Food should taste great.

Because it can, and life is too short to not delight your taste buds. We select the finest, most trusted, and delicious ingredients, fresh from your local grocery store. We guarantee you'll love it!

Cooking should be fast.

Because if it's not, you won't have time to do it. We distill recipes into their key components so that breakfasts and lunches can be prepared in under 10 min and dinners in under 30 min. And then we send you simple instructions that stick to your fridge.

Healthy eating should fit your life.

Because it's the 21st century, and everything should be customized to your preferences. Our algorithms learn what you love and remember it, too. No need to browse through hundreds of options you won't like.

Healthy eating should be convenient.

Because it's important enough that no barriers should stand in your way. We calculate nutritional content so you don't have to, and deliver 7 days a week during any two hour time window that works for you.

Food shouldn't go to waste.

Because then you're wasting money, and that's money you could have spent on something really cool. Our algorithms utilize ingredients across recipes to reduce surplus and save you money.

Discovery should be fun.

Because the best part of your day is often meal time. We curate meals and ingredients that are interesting and exciting so you get to try new things.

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